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Succession Guide

Heather's aim is to encourage and enable more families to get their succession plan in order before there is fall out, financial pressure or a health crisis.

Heather's style is no frills, straight talking, whilst also using her extensive experience of farming, business and people to ensure that you feel at ease, understood and in safe, caring hands. Some have described her as this was not what I was expecting she even got dad to speak and open up, this never happens, how did you do that? Soft skills with a sledge hammer.

Succession…this simple word puts fear and dread into many. Why?
Why is it so hard, why are people afraid to discuss it?
Why does it generate so much emotion in so many?
How can it hurt and destroy some and yet empower and
release others?

Heather Wildman - Succession Heather Wildman - Succession

When will succession happen?
Succession separator Who will succeed to the farm,
or will it be sold?
Succession separator How will you treat all your children fairly? Can you treat them fairly?
Succession separator What are the families expectations for retirement: financial, housing, to
stay on part time?
Succession separator How will the family avoid crippling the successor/farm with debt?

Easy to use
Succession separator Clear, simple language,
no jargon
Succession separator Highlights the elephant
in the room
Succession separator Provides a good
framework to
follow Succession separator Works in bite
sized chunks

There is a lot to consider when addressing succession.
This pack aims to help you to be prepared so you can get the most efficient value from your professional advisors and break down the barriers and hurdles.

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Succession Guide

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