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Heather Wildman of Saviour Associates.

Heather's passion and mission is simple, to enable people to build a vision of where they want to be, where they are now and to develop and set goals to achieve these visions. She will also build up a communication strategy to help share your vision and goals. She will also review a skill matrix to ensure that you have the right people with the right skills in the right places, if you don't she will come up with a plan to ensure that you do. Heather will help you to open up difficult and challenging conversations, supporting and guiding individuals, business and families through their transition. Offering practical tips, tools and advice and bringing clarity and calm into what can often be a uncertain and stressful time.

Heather makes a positive difference to people and peoples lives and businesses - she will make a difference to yours too.

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Meet Heather…

A Cumbrian Girl born and bred – Brought up on family sheep and beef hill farm in the lake district and now living in Scotland, but covering and working throughout the UK and overseas.

I have used my entrepreneurial skills to build my businesses and to create a lasting impression. I offer a fun and unique glass half full approach combined with an ability to keep up with industry changes and challenges.

I provide a comprehensive network of industry contacts, from political to grass roots level. I have a reputation for getting things done, for being able to help individuals and businesses collaborate with others to achieve stronger, more lasting impressions and results.

I am highly motivated, passionate and a straight talker, I am not afraid of tackling difficult and sensitive issues and situations but I always ensure that trust, respect, values and confidentiality are respected.

With over 30 year's experience of working with both farmers and industry throughout the UK. I also have an International network having worked around the world, through my developing career and Nuffield Farming Scholarship travels in 2012 where I studied “Communication – influencing and motivating change”

Heather Wildman